YouTube masthead ads hit TV app

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YouTube Masthead ads for TV screens.

YouTube is rolling out masthead ads for TV screens, offering brands prominent placement within its TV app. Same as YouTube’s desktop and mobile feed masthead ads, the masthead ads for TV screens can be purchased on a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis and will be available via reserved placements.

The masthead ads will autoplay a few seconds after being served up, and brands will be able to target the ads to customized audiences.

Why we should care

As more and more consumers cut the cord to watch programming via streaming services like YouTube TV, brands must find new opportunities to get in front of consumers via their TV. YouTube’s Masthead ads give advertisers optimal placement on a TV screen, putting the brand front and center whenever a user launches the app.

“According to a recent experiment we conducted with Media Science, YouTube ads on TV screens drive a 10% greater lift in recall than ads on linear TV,” writes YouTube. The company reports TV screens are its fastest-growing device, with daily watch time topping 250 million hours per day.

More on the news

  • YouTube has rolled out the Masthead ads for TV as a beta, available globally. The company instructs advertisers wanting to purchase the new ad unit to contact their Google sales representative.
  • The ads can be purchased as part of a cross-screen or single-screen masthead buy.
  • YouTube began letting advertiser buy masthead ads on a CPM basis in February. Prior to that, they were only available on cost-per-day terms.

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