Vimeo Create launches to give SMBs access to video marketing tools

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Vimeo has moved its Vimeo Create marketing platform out of beta to offer SMB marketers a full suite of video marketing tools. The platform includes video creation tools, “smart” editing features, unlimited stock video and photo content and the ability to automatically tailor videos for individual social platforms (“creating videos in every format and ratio”).

Why we care

Video is a key ingredient for any complete social marketing strategy, but many SMB marketers do not have the resources to produce effective video ads. Vimeo recently surveyed 1,000 SMB marketers and found that only 22% believed they were using enough video in their marketing efforts, citing time, cost and complexity as the biggest obstacle to creating a video strategy.

Vimeo Create is designed to give SMB marketers affordable access to a video marketing platform. The company is offering a free trial of Vimeo Create, but marketers will need the Vimeo Pro subscription, which costs $20 per month in order to save and share the videos they create.

More on the news

  • Vimeo Create was released in beta in January.
  • Vimeo says it plans to add more templates, creative elements, advanced editing controls and integrations with platforms such as Dropbox, Google and Facebook to Vimeo Create in the coming months.
  • The platform is available via the web, iOS and Android mobile apps.

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